I met Joni at the perfect time in my life. She signed up for a program and my gym and something about her was magnetic. She was helping to make my program run more effectively and efficiently, and added value to my staff and clients. I rarely see this coming from new members of my gym.

After one conversation with Joni, I signed up for her mindset mastermind and the rest is history. Months later, I call her a dear friend who helped change my life.

As an entrepreneur in business for over five years, I knew it was time for me to take my business to a completely new level. Instead of just focusing on fitness, I also wanted to teach mindset.

But I knew I couldn’t teach it if I didn’t do the work myself. And that’s where Joni and I worked together.

She helped pinpoint limiting beliefs I had about my family. Growing up in a third world country, the Philippines, required me to have tough skin as a child. I had to shed years of pain from my past to really step into the leader I was meant to be.

As a result of healing old wounds, I was able to be more present with my family and in my business. And since I did the mindset work I had been avoiding for so long, it jump started a new line of business and culture in my gym, and I now teach mindset to my clients with confidence.

Joni also helped my team. She facilitated a business meeting/leadership retreat for two days. Getting this retreat on the calendar was a huge accomplishment, given everyone’s busy schedules and the fact that I didn’t prioritize this very important event earlier.

During the two days, Joni helped to accomplished three main things for my team. First, we my team got behind one vision and direction for the company for the first time in years. Second, she was able to get everyone to bond and feel closer to one another. And third and most importantly, we wrote out multiple standard operating procedures to help my business run.

Today I go to Joni for both personal and professional advice. She’s caring, knowledgeable, and will have your back.

As a tomboy growing up, I never had close girlfriends. But Joni introduced me to a sisterhood circle, and she showed me what it’s like to have someone take a stand for me and my greatness.

Thank you, Joni!

Darrlene, Entrepreneur and Stay at Home Mom