I started the mindset mastermind with the goal of growing my business faster. I was feeling a block in my business about money and how much I was worth because I like helping people for free. I was also stuck and disconnected from my family from being so focused on building my business.

But, after my first session with Joni, I quickly realized that I needed to work on personal blocks that were holding me back. We chose two as my focus.

First, I was allowing my life-long relationship with food to rule my life, I was constantly thinking about what I couldn’t eat or shouldn’t eat, and beating myself up after I succumbed to old habits and broke my willpower.

Second, I was so angry and hurt by family members that have let me down in the past, that I was feeling really anxious about an upcoming visit and how I would be able to handle seeing them without regressing to anger and disappointment.

I was so surprised when the tools that Joni taught me helped me to tackle both of these situations (and others since then). With Joni’s tools and coaching, I was able to shift my mindset toward these blocks, and push past them to finally address these issues that were weighing me down.

Joni helped me to implement the tools and develop a routine that I can now leverage for almost any situation I have and will encounter going forward.

Now, I have worked through those issues that unknowingly held me back. I’ve lost 20 lbs. And, I’ve been able to establish a deeper connection with family and friend.

I appreciate these results! But, Joni gave me something even more invaluable. She gave me the tools that I use on a daily basis to continue overcoming obstacles as I encounter them.

Here are some results I got:

  • Lost 20 pounds after trying for countless years

  • More present with my family

  • Ability to create my own life intentionally and see results

  • Feel completely neutral about past toxic relationships

  • I’m now able to dream of the seven-figure business I want and take steps towards that. I now know my worth and value.

Throughout the mindset mastermind, Joni kept me focused on the high-value work that I needed to complete to get a result. She pushed me when I was pulling back out of fear, and she supported me when she knew that I needed more time to work an area.

Joni has an immense tool belt of techniques. She customizes specific tools to whatever challenge you’re working on at the time. She is also a great listener and asks probing questions. The best part about working with Joni is she’s fun! You won’t feel like you’re in a business meeting and she’s comfortable to talk to. I’m not a naturally open person, but Joni got me to open up and I’m thankful.

I LOVED working with Joni. She was (and is) focused, clear, resourceful and dedicated to my success. I can’t imagine where I’d be right now if we hadn’t met.

If you’re considering hiring Joni:

  • I recommend it. Absolutely. Your goals going into the mindset mastermind don’t need to be tangible, like lose twenty pounds. They can be less defined. You will acquire the tools to live life at a higher level by working with Joni.

  • These tools you will learn can be applied to any goal or advancement in personal and business life. I’ve heard about these tools about living life more intentionally for a long time, such as meditation, gratitude, and mantras. They seemed “woo woo” but my mindset has completely shifted. These tools should be a number one priority. Clearing blocks that have been there for a long time to be more present is a process that is priceless.

Joanna, Stay at Home Mom


Angela, Owner of be Health Love