For people considering taking Joni’s coaching mindset mastermind, I have three things to say:

  • Just do it

  • Trust the process

  • It’s life changing

Before the Joni’s coaching mindset mastermind, I was feeling stressed and angry; I didn’t have time for myself.

I felt like I wasn’t supported by my family; It’s like they had no idea about all the work I was doing running the household. I was worried about being a good mom and my husband and I consistently looked more at our computer screens than each other.

Along with being frustrated with my family, I was unsure about my business. I lacked the confidence of putting myself out there and sharing.

All these feelings led me to signing up. Now I know I make mistakes, and that’s ok.

Now I’m managing my time better and my family is better than ever. I get things done during the day so I can be more present with him and the family at night.

Now I’m more open, so the universe is listening more. I know I am the source of love and connection for my family and the people around me. I decide if my kids upset me or not.

Joni helped me find my voice and path for gaining new clients. She taught me how to confidently share my business with family and friends, so they could help spread the word. I learned organizational skills for keeping track of contacts and strategies for gaining new clients.

Before the mindset mastermind, I had a hard time verbalizing my services; now I feel great about my elevator pitch and share my passion easily.

In the past, it was easier to complain with friends. But now I’m in a completely different mindset. I’m constantly helping people around me to be better.

My mindset has expanded and I’m trusting the universe. I know I can create my life and that this moment is all we have. I’m now present with my family like never before.

Joni is a great leader. She always met me where I was at, provided great insight and challenged me. Joni gave me an array of great tools and techniques that I will continue to use in my life on a daily basis. Joni is a bright and positive person. I'm so glad to know her.

I am sad to come to the end of the mindset mastermind, but grateful for ALL I've learned and gained. Everyone can benefit from Joni's coaching, especially those looking to grow or expand a new or current business. Thanks, Joni for all your encouragement and support. I am a better person and business woman because of Y-O-U!!


Melissa, Owner of Crushing Motherhood


Sarah, Business Management Consultant