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You are cordially invited to a high-end, exclusive, luxury, high vibe personal development retreat experience for women who are ready to live their passion and purpose by breaking through limiting beliefs and creating lives they love.

There are other women, just like you, who are meant to live bigger lives and make a difference in the world. These women will be your friends for life, as we create an authentic space for possibility and accountability together.

Our Mindset Sisters retreats are for women who are fully committed to becoming the best versions of themselves and living their truths. Join two business management and mindset experts on a journey of a lifetime. We promise you won’t regret it.


Feeling busy and empty at the same time has become the new norm.

And we have your back.


After 12 years working in corporate America,
I realized I wasn’t fulfilled and in love with my life. I was out of control and scared.

Feeling lost, I created a tribe of women: Mindset Sisters.

After facilitating dozens of online and in-person personal development workshops, I noticed the common desire of women wanting more adventure in their lives.

I listened to these women and agreed.
We need fun, excitement, and adventure in our lives to rejuvenate. And these in-person events need to be with like-minded people.

This is why I created the Mindset Sisters retreat.
An exclusive, luxury, high-end, high vibe retreat experience for women like you who are committed to designing their lives, creating breakthrough results, and making life-long friendships.

What if I told you… that you could escape to an exotic tropical location with other women who are JUST LIKE YOU?

Women who want to see YOU succeed in life.

Women who know they are meant for more and believe that lifting other women up IS the way to go.

Women who want to unleash their highest potential.

Women who are ready to take on their lives.

Women who only bring pure positive energy.

Women who are on a mission to become the BEST versions of themselves.

And women who are ready to take a leap of faith into the exciting unknown.

What if I told you that you can come hang out with me and these like-minded women in one of the most exotic and spiritual locations in the world?


The Mindset Sisters Bali Retreat is the GROUNDBREAKING once in a lifetime experience where you get to get away from your current life and completely redesign a new one.

This is where women come for a complete mindset overhaul in the most inspiring places on Earth. It's no wonder so many soul-searchers come to find themselves in Bali.

Allow yourself to escape and find the REAL you in an unforgettable way.

This is where SERIOUS sisters come to redefine what success, fulfillment, happiness, and living a life full of bliss mean to them.