I took a an intense 7-month transformational leadership coaching program with Joni, so I knew she was the real deal. I’ve hired several coaches, but Joni really “walks her talk.” If she tells you to do something, it’s because she’s been there. She has a way of being empathetic and encouraging at the same time.

I own a law firm with two branches in different states. And it’s not just any law firm….I am an immigration attorney during a time where my customers need me most. I often work 12+ hour days, and I’m ultimately responsible for dozens and dozens of lives. To say the least, there’s a lot of pressure on me.

But I do all this because I love it. I love making a difference in people’s lives and giving people a voice who don’t have a voice. That said, I was feeling overwhelmed and knew I needed to prioritize myself over all the noise and stress.

Working with Joni helped me implement habits to clear my mind and get back in the gym. By choosing healthier food and thoughts, I was able to manage my workload better. Instead of being hard on myself, Joni gave me tools to create the life I want.

One specific example is with my team. I wasn’t happy with their performance and it seemed like we were all on different pages. But Joni helped me tap into who I really am as a leader and I took responsibility for the chaos. I held meetings with my team and I was honest with them. I showed them my human side.

I recommend Joni to anyone looking for more peace of mind in the chaos. She helped me tremendously and I’m forever grateful.


Networking Moms of Arlington VA

Liz, Foreign Service Officer