Signing up for this mindset mastermind was one of the BEST DECISIONS I HAVE EVER MADE.  

I didn't walk into the mindset mastermind with any specific goals, but I left with new and profound leadership and coaching skills. I created an online community to support my Mom, a junk food lover, to support her healthy journey.  With her family and friends far away, we can now keep her motivated and accountable. She is now doing the Whole30 program and is using essential oils to reach her goal of optimal health!

I also gained new communication skills, and empowered others to improve THEIR communication skills, which has improved my family's overall happiness. My toddler, baby, husband, in-laws, nanny, and I live under the same roof, and we all don't speak the same native language. I realized I was bringing old negative communication habits from my parents into our home, and Joni gave me tools to help me break these habits and be a source of love and understanding in our home.  

One of Joni's favorite affirmations is "I'm relentless,"  and that's exactly how I would describe her. She's relentlessly positive, inspirational, and passionate about uplifting her fellow moms; and this all translates into everything I look for in a coach.  Throughout the mindset mastermind, and beyond, Joni has been supportive, empathetic, kept me focused, and really helped me unlock my potential.

The tools Joni gave me are invaluable as I continue my journey.  


Maria, Immigration Attorney

Kim, Business Owner in
Government Consulting