Joni’s mindset mastermind is life-changing and the best thing I’ve ever done.

I 'm now living my life purpose and I am the most productive and inspired that  I've ever been.

Before taking Joni’s mindset mastermind, I felt stuck and didn’t feel like I was going anywhere. I had just quit my job and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I wanted to write more but I wasn’t doing that. I was morose not going anywhere. Static. Stationary.

I knew there were underlying things to work on. I’ve always been honest with other people but with myself I let things that didn’t matter go. I found that I wasn’t present in my relationships or fulfilled.

Before Joni’s mindset mastermind, I didn’t fully understand accountability, responsibility, and integrity. And now I do. I was able to dig deeper and fully understand what was keeping me from being present.

One profound moment was when I told Joni I felt like everyone was attacking me. She then asked me: Where, in your life, are you attacking others? Her question threw me off guard, but it really made me change my mindset and now people don’t attack me anymore.

As a result of Joni’s mindset mastermind:

  • I’m more present with my family

  • Recommitted to my passion for writing

  • In love with my relationships in a new way

  • More focused, positive, and creative

Joni and I took our Masters program together and I knew you and the quality of her work. I have a lot of respect for her. I know she’s deeply committed to people and her intention.

Her integrity comes across. She has passion. She cares about what happens and follows up on things. She never let things go. Her level of commitment was astonishing.

Joni has a gift and talent for understanding people and genuinely wanting to make the world a better place. She determined it’s one person at a time.

I like the way she works and believe in her mission. I appreciate who she is: giving, caring and understanding. She doesn’t put up with BS.

She’s true to herself. She’s relatable. And she’s doing a wonderful thing.

Jenny, Doterra Consultant


Melissa, Owner of Crushing Motherhood