First of all, I’d like to encourage people to hire Joni. It will change your life if you aren’t happy with where you are right now. Joni is a real person; she’s inspiring and helps people who are stuck.

I was transitioned out of my job as a school director to be a stay at home mom and I realized I wanted to put myself out there again. My fear of failure and rejection paralyzed me. I had dreams and felt incomplete chasing them. I didn’t want others to judge me and I felt stuck

I now look at my five-year plan differently and can clearly see that I will be a home school teacher and consultant and author. I actively participate in reaching my goals instead of just having all these ideas. My goals are now part of my life and no longer just ideas.

I’m also more engaged with my kids and my husband and I now have more open communication. Everything is flowing now.

Here are the results I gained from taking Joni’s mindset mastermind:

  • I got my NY teaching credential transferred to CA so I can get back to working with children as a homeschool teacher

  • I created a strategic partnership with an executive director who will be an influential source of referrals for me

  • I’m creating a business plan and brand

  • I’m focused on inspiring my daughters through daily meditation, yoga and personal development

  • I have a better mindset towards life

You are awesome, Joni!

Sarah, Beauty Counter Consultant


Maia, Owner of the Worx by Maia