I had a feeling I wasn’t living to my potential for a long time. I searched for the right path by joining the Peace Corps, and as I kept searching, I realized that I need to see the impact of the work I do.

After all the abrupt changes that came as the result of my divorce, I had a thought that froze me: I’m going to work in a cubicle until I die.

I met some inspiring women involved with DoTerra and I began thinking: Why not me. I told people what I wanted and only got blank stares in return.

I knew I needed a guide and light. I said ‘yes’ to Joni right away because I knew I was looking for her.

I wanted to define my dreams and understand what was holding me back. Joni said this journey wouldn’t be comfortable, but I knew that’s exactly what I needed. Up until that first conversation with Joni, I read about people having personal transformations, but I didn’t understand how they got there.

Joni was my guide. We dug deep and looked at my stories, fears, and got to the root. I did the inner work of examining my past, which is something hard to do all alone.

I am so much more self-aware than I ever have been.

Here are a few of my results:

  • I doubled my side business income

  • I’m more present with my kids

  • I make positive self-talk a way of life

  • Fulfilling family relationships

Joni tailored the mindset mastermind specifically to me. We talked about starting a business, healing relationships, and tools to get me to the other side of fear. She’s good at going deeper and I took different actions that brought different results.

Another thing about Joni is she really listens. She repeats what I say in a more coherent way.

One time I said I was finding the DoTerra business hard because it was on other people. But she said it has nothing to do with others and everything about who I’m being and what I’m doing. They will come to me when I’m coming from a place of integrity.

After applying Joni’s coaching, I saw bigger results.

I highly recommend Joni’s mindset mastermind to anyone looking to play a bigger game in life.

Kim, Business Owner in Government


Joanna, Stay at Home Mom