Here’s what I’d like to say to people considering Joni’s mindset mastermind:

• You’ll have the opportunity to peel back the layers
• You will do things you may not be comfortable with.
• Trust the process. Do the work so you can do your best and get the most of the mindset mastermind

Joni coached my daughter's soccer team and I felt a natural connection to her. I signed up for her mindset mastermind, knowing that it was something I could use to step out of my comfort zone.

While I’ve experienced professional success, not keeping my word to myself has kept me back personally.  I analyzed everything and always tried to predict the future. As a result, I was rarely present.

I’m always having to be “on” as a single mom, while doing things for me. I learned how to start again and not carry the negative from day to day. I realized every day is a new beginning and learned to have more of a positive mindset to start afresh.

I knew I needed accountability, different exercises and tools to get me in a positive mindset. I was overwhelmed about wanting to be more settled down and wasn’t completely comfortable being alone.

I’m now more comfortable with not having “the nuclear family” and happy in my life right now. I’ve accepted that I’m where I’m supposed to be. I’m happy now.

I’m now growing my business and more impactful as a mom. I’m even PTA president, something I wouldn’t have taken on before.

I also achieved results in my business. I’m more proactive and set daily meetings with the team to strategize on business development goals.

Joni is dedicated, refreshing, inspiring multi-faceted, and trustworthy – you can communicate openly about things you’re embarrassed about or have fears talking about.

Working with Joni opened my eyes to the real work necessary to choose happiness, be present, and create new possibilities in my life.  I would recommend this mindset mastermind to any woman looking to grow in a safe and nurturing space.

Liz, Foreign Service Officer


Jenny, Doterra Consultant