Here’s is what I have to say to people considering Joni’s mindset mastermind:

  • Does it look like you have it all together on the outside, but have parts of you that are unexplored? Do you feel stuck or trapped by kids, mortgages, etc?

  • Are you not doing things you enjoy? Are there things not explored?

  • Do you now feel trapped by the obligations of life? Do you want to connect with yourself and others in ways you haven’t before?

If so, put yourself in Joni’s coaching mindset mastermind. You will thank me later.

I discovered my authentic voice and no longer hesitate to speak my truth.

I was transitioning out of my twelve-year career to growing my side business and being a stay at home mom. I realized I wanted to put myself out there in my business, but I had a fear of failure and rejection. Although I wanted to live my wildest dreams, I felt incomplete and was afraid of others judging me.

I wanted to know why I had these fears and concerns. I knew I needed tools to overcome any situation and challenge without feeling helpless and overwhelmed, which is how I was currently feeling.

I had enough faith in me to move forward and put myself in this mindset mastermind. I knew there had to be another way at living life.

The fears I had were so strong and deeply rooted, and looking back, I had no idea how deeply rooted. I wasn’t fully aware of what I wanted and why I wasn’t acting on it.

Before participating in Joni’s mindset mastermind, I would describe my business as “this little thing that is doing well on the side” and today I’m confident my business is my avenue of self-expression and way I can make an impact in the world.

I knew deep down I wanted more.

I was in the same job for twelve years and I felt like my soul was contracting. I would ask myself, “Is this is all that life is? This is where I’m spending all my time?”

I understood there was more for me and that I just couldn’t sit there. I wanted to explore my potential. I wanted a challenge. I wanted to grow. The idea of staying where I was wasn’t ok with me.

I’m still growing, and I’m not contracting anymore. I’m expanding. I have the tools and no matter what my situation is, no matter how I feel….I know I’ll also be in expansion. I’m much more aware of how I feel. I know what I’m capable of and I’m taking action like never before.

I was in denial to go through twelve years of doing something that didn’t have me expand and be a better person.

Before I took Joni’s mindset mastermind, I was playing small. It was self-limiting and compartmentalizing. I wasn’t being a full expression of myself. Now, I feel so much more I’m being self expressed on a daily basis.

I was disconnected from myself, other people, had to shelter myself from these feelings. I was focusing my energy and self-worth on insignificant things like the to do list, like “did I mow the lawn.”

I now have an expanded vision. I’m connected. I’m totally connected and am aware of opportunities to help people, myself, and improve others’ lives through my business.

Every night when I put my daughter to bed, I tell her I appreciate her and that she is brave. This is a new habit I started in Joni’s mindset mastermind.

I feel comfortable and confident I can help my kids navigate life through rituals such as bedtime gratitude, mantras, and meditation. Both of my kids are also listening to Abraham Hicks!

The greatest achievements I gained from the mindset mastermind are my current connections I now have with other strong women in my life, through my business. I wasn’t making these intimate and meaningful connections on my own. I needed an excuse to make friends. My business has been much more than selling. It’s making connections. I was drawn to something that forced me to do that. Now I’m inspired to make more connections.

I started two women’s networking groups. I have more women I can call now more than the last 15 years combined.

I’m fulfilled, connected, and aware of where I need to work.

Before this mindset mastermind, I was successful. But I didn’t feel that way. I wasn’t living up to my potential and I now am.

Sarah, Business Management Consultant


Darrlene, Entrepreneur and Stay at Home Mom